Manage and access older and archived emails

  • Answered
I recently migrated my domain/web/email over to inmotion.
I can now log in to webmail here (I used roundcube for now to set everything up) and receive/see all emails sent to me after/while setting it up – but non from before.
How do I access archived emails and older emails?
I set up forwarding to use Gmail as my main client (and for syncing). Seems to work (except that I didn't get the emails sent at the moment when I set it up here on my inmotion account, but that's fine). In Gmail I can still access all old/archived emails and all mailboxes I set up in the past. How do I get these to appear here in inmotion/roundcube and how can I make sure all future and past emails are stored, archived and accessible on my inmotion host?
Hello, Thank you for your question about syncing your old email. You would need to transfer over your old emails if you wish to see them in your webmail. Gratefully, Casey B.