Account creation and package limit calculation

  • Answered
Good evening,

When creating an account manually from WHM, at the bottom of the page I can see Accounts Limits Based on Resources.
How it is working? Lets assume that my reseller account let me to manage an overall 80GB disk space.
if one of my package is allowing them to have 40GB disk space (no, but for the example..) than I can host only two of this package or the limit is applies for usage of the package.
So even if they have 40GB hosting, they are using only 4GB, than I can host 20 of this package?

Thanks in advance
Hello Ignity, Thank you for your question on package settings. The total allowed in each package can be anything you like. For example, you can create 10 accounts to have limits of 40GB even though your reseller is set for 80GB total. This means that those individual cPanels can get up to 40GB, however your 80GB limit will still be the maximum. If one account gets to 40GB and another gets to 20GB, then there are only 20GB left for the other 8 accounts even though they have maximum limits of 40GB each. Kindest Regards, Scott M