Reseller hosting plan configuration

  • Answered
I have some problems in configuration of R-1000S plan.

I am wondering - is ssh configured by default(if it is how can I access it, if not how to enable it)?
How to install Laravel 4.2 framework and configure routes to work fine, and how to change my current PHP version(I changed it in cPanel but it seems not changed for all of profile - I tried to install some software that requires php 5.5.9 but it is still 5.4.42)?

Hello Evgen, Thank you for contacting us about Reseller hosting plan configuration including SSH access, Laravel 4.2 Framework, and changing your PHP version as a reseller. SSH is configured by default on Reseller servers. Here is a link to our helpful guide I wrote on Logging into your server with SSH. It also includes a walk-through video. You can easily install the Laravel 5.1.4 from Softaculous, here is a similar question where we provide additional information. Laravel 4.2 is not available there, and I am still looking into the installation procedure. I will post additional information on installing Laravel 4.2 as soon as possible. You can change your PHP version account wide with the PHP switcher tool in cPanel. You can also use multiple PHP versions in one account. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul