SSL Certifcate Options for Resellers

  • Answered
In order to have a SSL Certificate for my clients under a Reseller account, is my only option to purchase from the InMotion Store? I find these to be quite high (due to mark-up), but I understand that I am required to purchase a Dedicated IP for each site as well as a $25 Install fee. Can I purchase from a 3rd-party and have it installed? I am also curious about my own Reseller account as I find the $99/yr quite high. None of your SSL posts state the details of the facts I am requesting that I could find.
Hello, Thank you for your SSL question. You can certainly use SSLs either purchased through us or a third party. It is your choice. The $25 install fee applies with either type. The dedicated SSL fee only applies for third party SSLs as it is included in the cost of our SSLs. Each cPanel can have a single SSL installed on it. You can find out more on our SSL Purchase article or our Third Party SSL article, which goes over the fees for each, respectively. Let us know if you have any further questions. Kindest Regards, Scott M