Support Process for Reseller Customers

  • Answered
I have a reseller account for my marketing agency and have multiple hosting accounts that I have created for my clients. From a support perspective, are they able to contact InMotion directly for support, or am I their only support channel?

I couldn't easily find documentation of this anywhere after some pretty exhaustive searching, though I did find the articles on using WHCMS helpful in regards to creating a support portal and email addresses. I'd prefer not to go that route if I can avoid it, so if I can be a primary contact for the client, but they can contact InMotion in case of emergency that would be great.

Hello, grit! Thanks for asking your question about InMotion Hosting providing direct support for Reseller clients. I'm happy to assist in answering this for you. As a reseller providing services to your own clients, you would be the main point of contact for any Technical Support that your customers/clients/end users would require, based on what services (for Support) you offer to them. InMotion Hosting Technical Support is included for direct customers (the actual Reseller account holder) only. For this reason, your clients would not be able to reach out to Support for assistance. For assistance in providing Support, you can read over our article on How to Provide Support as a Reseller. Keep in mind, that our Customer Community is a public forum, so that resource and our extensive knowledge base is available for you to utilize, however, live Support does have its limitations to account holders only. I hope this helps! Sincerely, Carlos E