What is valid zone files

  • Answered
Hi, yesterday I bought my reseller account with a new domain name but I had a domain name with a website with Bluehost. I changed the nameservers on the domain name at Bluehost so it would point here at my new website and it says 'Please be sure a valid zone file exists on these name servers to ensure your domain resolves properly. '

What does that mean exactly, is there another configuration I need to make at Bluehost?

Hello rdizazzo, Thank you for your question on valid zone files for resellers. If you are trying to use custom name servers for your reseller account, you can follow our guide on how to set them up. You will need to have created records for your ns1 and ns2 subdomains to point to as your name servers. You can do this with the Advanced DNS Zone Editor in your cPanel. Kindest Regards, Scott M