Not receiving "over quota emails" on reseller account

  • Answered
I have a reseller account with you. Several of my clients are over their quota, but I am not getting an email message to warn me about this.

1. Am I, as a reseller, supposed to get an email when my clients are over their disk quota?

2. If I am, what settings should I check (and how to check them) to make sure everything's setup right?

* Ben
Hello, Thanks for the question. As a reseller, you will NOT receive an email. If you are managing emails on the reseller account, then you will need to have someone logging into the account to look at the email accounts. The administrator logging into the cPanel account will be able to adjust sizes of the account if necessary. You may need to have an email admin account that forwards to you so that users can let you know if they're having problems. You can also set the accounts to have no limits (though this is not recommended). I hope that helps to answer the question. If you need further info on correcting mail quotas, please see our tutorial Correcting Mailbox Quota Exceeded. Kindest regards, Arnel C.