Reseller hosting - Too few IPv4 name servers - how do I add another?

  • Answered

I setup my Basic cPanel & WHM Setup to have four nameservers:,,,

I added a few nameservers later on after I had already launched a couple websites for customers on my inmotion reseller hosting account. I was doing a DNS test on And got the below message for my customers website that I'm hosting.

"Too few IPv4 name servers (1).

Only one IPv4 name server was found for the zone. You should always have at least two IPv4 name servers for a zone to be able to handle transient connectivity problems."

How do I fix this and add another nameserver?.. is this something I have to update in the cPanel of the customers hosting?

Hello Mark, In order to fix this issue normally is to have two nameservers with different IP addresses. You can attempt to request an additional IP address by contacting our support department via an email/ticket. You will need to explain why you would need an additional IP address as IPv4 is very limited. Best Regards, TJ Edens