Is there a way to implement a Development environment

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Hi, I am teaching Wordpress and for now my students install and practice Wordpress on their local machines with WAMP or any other local development way to do it.

I have a Reseller account here at InMotion and would like to know if there is a way to setup a development environment without having to buy a domain name so people could install and practice Wordpress. With Desktop Server on a local machine a test website would end with the .dev extension. Is there a way to do this on my hosting account.

Thank You.

Hello rdizazzo, Thank you for your question on creating a WordPress site in a development environment on your reseller account. You can create reseller cPanel accounts for non-existing domains. Once they are created, you can then have your students set up a hosts file modification to point that domain name to the cPanel IP address. This way it will work as a normal domain would, but on that computer only. Kindest Regards, Scott M