New reseller setup questions

  • Answered
I just bought my new R-2000 reseller account.

Do I need to configure a hosting package for the website that will be associated with the domain name I just registered my reseller account with or is it already configured. I noticed that I have a Cpanel available for that domain.

I do have a domain name that I bought at Bluehost that will expire on April 2016 and if I understand what I have read I would only have to change the nameservers to the one here at InMotion, is that right?

InMotion has a lot of documentation and that is awesome, I need to know what is the first step I need to take so I dont screw up anything.

Thank you for your advice.
Hello rdizazzo, Thank you for your question on first steps with a reseller account. The cPanel for your main account is already created, so no need to set up a package for that. The package setup is for your customers so you can create the limits you want to provide them. With your domain name, you are free to keep it at Bluehost or transfer it here. If you wish to keep it there, simply changing the nameservers is all you need to do. Then the domain will point here. Bluehost will still be the registrar for the name, so you will need to renew with them whenever it needs it. If you transferred the domain here, then you would need to renew it with us, but it does not matter who you choose to be the domain registrar, it is your choice. We do try to keep up with the documentation and are about to launch a large series specifically on the WHMCS and reseller, so you would be coming in at a good time! You can always ask questions here if you have them or even suggestions for something you want to see in the documentation. I'll be listening since I will be writing a lot of it. Kindest Regards, Scott M