Constant Slow Server Response since moving to Reseller Account

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I have been an IMHO customer for about 12 years, first with a personal 'Pro/Power' account (which was great) and then making the move to a reseller account as I had some design clients that were interested in hosting with me.  I assumed this would be equally as great.

Since migrating to a reseller account a few years ago I have been very disappointed with the speed of the sites, both mine and the clients. 8 - 12 seconds to load. Incredibly slow. Almost unusable.

Whenever I asked about this I was brushed off and told 'optimise the sites' which - yes - of course is very important. But the same sites, not optimised - load FAR quicker on other servers. I have asked repeatedly, and been brushed off repeatedly. No solution offered, not even an opportunity for an 'upsell'. Just a stock answer, and often the chat ended without even taking the time to listen to any requests.

You can't tell me that every site that's not on the server I am on as a reseller is magically, perfectly optimised.

This has been such a constant stress, and I have certainly done my due diligence with optimisation for my own sites (and small html sites too, not just Wordpress.. which can be bloated) that I believe I'm going to have to close the account and go somewhere else. 

I'm really not sure what the problem is and I'm disappointed that customer service is not the same as it was when I was a personal account. I've been a customer for a very long time.

Does anyone have any tips - are there different servers I could request to move to? Or is it best just to wipe my hands of it and go elsewhere?


IMH Support Agent 2
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Hello H. Pakenham,

I'm sorry to hear about the problems that you're having when looking at your websites since moving to a Reseller account.  If it all possible, my best advise would be to move your account to a VPS instead of a Reseller account.  There are also Reseller VPS accounts. Using a reseller account (non-VPS) is still akin to using a shared server in that resources are shared and performance may be affected if your websites require more resources.  VPS resources would be better in either a Managed VPS or reseller VPS account and thus you should see better performance. 

However, if you really want to get a benchmark of how things are running on your current host to see what's happening, then I would recommend use a performance benchmark site like Gtmetrix. You should also run the  tests on your site at off peak and peak hours to get a range of how the websites are performing.  If it's always slow, then it's probably indicative of issues with your websites.  If it varies, but performance is still under par, then you may be needing to upgrade to a different type of account for better resource availability. 

When you're looking at the test results, make sure to take a look at the waterfall chart. You can see what's taking forever to load. The suggestions that they provide will also give you a clear insight as to what's happening.

Also, if you haven't done it already, please make sure to run a Ping/Traceroute test to make sure that we're all seeing the same server performance results - or at least give us a perspective of the issue from your end.

We really do appreciate your loyalty and patience with our hosting company.  I sincerely hope this helps to provide a better answer than what you've been seeing up to this point. 

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Kindest Regards,

Arnel C.