Can I migrate some of the email addresses to O365, and not others?

anto.vagliente 3 months ago in Email / Email Client Setup updated by Arnel C (Content Marketing Coordinator) 3 months ago 1

We have about 10 email accounts set up with inmotion hosting, of which I would need to migrate only 2, to be managed by Office 365. This is because only 2 employees need to use the microsoft 365 services. Is this possible? can I leave 8 email accounts to be managed by inmotion, and have 2 with Microsoft 365? thanks


Hello Anto,

Thanks for the question about your email addresses.  First, there may be some confusion about the email service and server. If you are using our email servers, then they are tied to a domain name.  Microsoft also has an service and emails that are typically tied to a domain name.  For example, your email might be test@example.com.  If you are intending to keep the example.com domain with InMotion then your email addresses will all use that domain name.  However, if you are using Microsoft's SERVERs, then you will not able to have the same domain name.  

To be clear, you can STILL use Microsoft Office Outlook 365 as a mail CLIENT.  There is a guide on Office 365 DNS Setup that you can use to setup the email client.  You shouldn't have to migrate those email accounts if you setup Outlook in that manner.  Basically, the email server is still with InMotion and the Microsoft application is pulling mail from their instead.  

I hope that helps to clear that up.  If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Kindest Regards,

Arnel C.