Migrate domains from Reseller account to Shared Hosting account

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My need is to migrate/move a client account/domain from my *Reseller Account* to a sub-domain on my *Shared Hosting Account*. Obviously I don’t want my entire Shared Hosting account to be over-written with a client account as suggested by Support Staff.

As the existing client/domain within my *Reseller Account* (mydomain.com) is setup through WHM and has its own cPanel, and my *Shared Hosting Account* only has one single cPanel account, the client/domain needs to be migrated to a sub-domain (mydomain.com.mydomain2.com) on my *Shared Hosting Account*. I’ve searched for weeks now for instructions to perform this specific type of transfer, but all of the documents in the Support Center are not specific enough for this exact type of transfer (Reseller to Shared Hosting).

Please help me find instructions that I can follow, I’d really appreciate it.

Arnel C
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Hello Russell,

Sorry for the issues with finding out information on this type of transfer.  This kind of thing should be done by support staff to make it easier.  It should be done in 3 steps:

1) Move your website files to the new location - the shared server. If support is saying that you shouldn't be moving that site to a shared server, then that may the problem.  However, if your site is custom-built, then transfer the files to the appropriate locations (the default folder is PUBLIC_HTML) in the new account.  If you're using software like WordPress, then install WordPress first, then migrate all of the files from the WP-CONTENT folder, and overwrite the core files in the new location with the files from the old site.  Make sure that the .htaccess files are good for your new location. You should also re-install all the plugins so that they properly work.

2) Export your database using phpMyAdmin from your old database.  You should be exporting them into an SQL file.  You will then IMPORT that SQL file into the new database at your Shared Server location.  Make sure that the user for the database and password are matched up with the database info in the WP-CONFIG.PHP older - it should include the name of the database, user, and table prefix.  Your user for the database at the new location should have ALL the privileges for the database.

Make sure that the user for the database is secure and has access to the database as the previous server did.

3)Migrate your domain name to the new host location.  The DNS for that domain name should be recorded and then it should be REMOVED from the old location's DNS and added to the new location's DNS.

Also, you should understand that in order for the site to be managed as a subdomain OR add-on domain, a second cPanel license may be necessary.  This depends on your account and the number of Websites that are already loaded.  It didn't use to be that way, but cPanel licenses are no longer free.

You should be able to submit a support ticket for this.  The Support Center website cannot make changes for you, but you are welcome to speak with our billing or support team via phone or chat and they can help you get this site properly migrated.

Basically, the website files and the domain name need to be moved.  This involves the changes that I have listed above. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Kindest Regards,

Arnel C.