Google Analytics Code Disappears

  • Answered
After pasting Google analytics code on each page, the code disappears from all pages the next time I make any change to any page. I am using the Plesk Site Biuilder Zeug-13 template, but can't find it anywhere. Is there a master page or template page that will not be modified on which to place the GA code?
Hello DonnieC, and thanks for the question.

In order to use the Google Analytics code with your Premium Website Builder site. You'd want to add the (Script) module from the right-hand side-bar to each page that you have, with your GA JavaScript code entered into there.

Unfortunately there is not a centralized template or master page that you can add this code to and have it propagated to all of your other pages. So this is something that would need to be done on each and every page that you wish to track.

I see currently that you have this code placed on your (index.php) and (Home.php) pages, are you manually going in and adding the code after publishing from the Premium Web Builder? Or are you utilizing the script module already? If you're using the script module from within the Premium Web Builder then it should be staying put on edits to that page, so long as you aren't removing that module.

Please provide us with some further information such as what pages the code seems to go missing from if this didn't exactly answer your question, so that we can provide you with a better explanation.

- Jacob