Google Analytics Not Working

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Since I transferred from GoDaddy 2 weekends ago, I have not been able to get Google Analytics information from my site. When I chatted with one of your representatives over this past weekend, I was told "I can turn that back on for you." Confused I asked, "why is it off?" and was told that it is shut off "at times" if server performance is impaired. Supposedly it is to be working. I still have no Google Analytics information now. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE TO ME AND IS REASON TO DISCONTINUE SERVICE IF IT IS NOT CORRECTED. I cannot host Websites on your equipment with no Google analytics information--no way possible.
WHAT IS GOING ON??????????
Thank you for your question mwuilleu! Sorry for the trouble with your Google analytics code not working. Google analytics is a client side JavaScript. There is no server side setting that is turned on or off to allow Google analytics to work. The code purely works over the client side browser. I looked at your website with Google Analytics Debugger in Chrome and found the following Error.
The _setAccount API expects an account string for argument 0. The argument given (36141341-1) does not match the expected format of UA-XXXXXX-X.
It appears the Google analytics code you have does not have the correct Account number in it. Its missing the UA in front of it. I wrote an article about this to clarify this called: Debug Google Analytics with Google Chrome Debugger Its difficult to say why it worked on the old sever with the account information missing in the code. From what you mentioned in the tech support conversation, it appears there was a misunderstanding. The AwStats (not related to google) can be interrupted if the server is on a high load. On VPS servers this is not usually the case. The AwStats can be manually ran or shut off; however, this has no relation to Google Analytics. AwStats is on be default on all our servers. Best regards, James R