Google results for one of my web sites show other sites from my server

  • Answered
when i Google one of my web sites i also get results for other web sites that are hosted under the same shared hosting account. For example when i hit :
i get:


i get like 6-10 different variations of the above related with other domains of my server but always pointing on pages of the

I'd also like to mention that these other web sites that appear in the results never owned a SSL Certificate.

This started after migrating my web sites in Inmotion without installing the necessary dedicated ip to
Now the ip is installed.

I have been instructed to use Google Search Console.
How could i use Search Console to fix this issue?
Hello, Thank you for your question about using Google search console. The search console lets you submit a new sitemap that will reflect the accurate page information of your site. If you use WordPress, there are plugins that can help generate quality site maps. Likewise, search console lets you exclude pages from Google's crawling bots so those pages will not be served in search results. For more detailed information, the best source is Google's documentation. Best, Christopher M.