email forwarding to gmail without error message

  • Answered
I used the Google MX setup. wizared. I set the email routing to remote. I have no inmotion email setup. The email get's forwarded but then it sends an error saying Address not found. I have a domain and I want to forward an email to [email protected] to [email protected]. Seems like the forwarding needs an option to not save and not send an error. I have done this same setup on godaddy for years with no issues.
Hello cdosborne, Thank you for submitting a question about email forwarding to Gmail. The Google MX record wizard is used to route email to something like Google Apps. In order to route email to a domain on your server, the MX records will need to be set to their default configuration, using your InMotion account to receive email. From there, you can use forwarding to send the email to the Gmail account. Best, Christopher M.