Google Analytics Code

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Hi everyone,
I apologize if this is in the wrong category.
I'm relatively new to this website stuff, but I basically understand how things work.
What I need to know (in layman's terms please) is how to add the Googla Analytics code to my website.
In my public_html folder I have an Index.php file and a Default.htm file (renamed to Default.htm.orig by me).
Every explanation I've read says the same thing:

'insert the code snippet between the head and the /head tags whether or not your website is built with PHP or HTML'.

So it would appear that my site is built with PHP (?).
All I want to know is which stinking file to put the code in, but it appears no one wants to share that info.
Any information/help would be GREATLY appreciated!

Forgot to mention I built the site using the Sitebuilder app supplied by InMotion.

Hello Guido, The issue you will have by adding the code in the files is due to the program that built the site. The Builder is unaware of any changes made after the fact, so any changes made will be wiped out if you ever publish the site from the builder again. The builder also has no method of editing the code in the area. However, I have seen articles and even some Google documentation that says you should be able to add the code within the body of the page itself. To do that in the builder, simply follow this article on how to use the script module to add your code. Using the Scripts Module in Premium Website Builder Use that for each page you want to track. Best Regards, Scott M
I am also a layman but as far as I undestand you copy the code and paste it after the head, no matter where but before the head/. You should do it in every page,if you want every page to be analysed, and that is all.
Please correct me anybody if I am wrong, please.