Google analytics recieving no hits

  • Answered
I have contacted technical support and they recommended I come here to see if I could get any more help. Google analytics is receiving 0 hits on our website:

It is a wordpress site and is currently using a Google Analytics plugin, support has also looked at the robots.txt file and didn't find anything out of the ordinary and should be set up fine.

I should note that analytics were working fine up until 13th February but we have had 0 hits after that.

We would really appreciate any pointers or advice anyone has. Cheers!
Hello Jake,

Thank you for your question about receiving 0 hits on Google analytics. I suggest reviewing the DNS information for the domain. It seems to be pointing to different servers outside of the InMotion Hosting network. It's possible that the new location does not have the updated analytics information. Otherwise, I advise checking with Google support to see if anything has not changed in their system.

Christopher M.