Sending mail with Thunderbird times out

  • Answered
This suddenly started happening a week or two ago. I have read other posts and answers but none of those help. I receive messages fine, but when I try to send I get the message:
Sending of the message failed. The message could not be sent because the connection to Outgoing server (SMTP) secure*** timed out. Try again.
This is happening on all the accounts I have set up in Thunderbird.
My outgoing Server settings are set to Port 465 and the Connection Security is SSL/TLS and the Authentication method is Normal password.

Any assistance would be appreciated.
Hello, Sorry to hear about your Thunderbird timeout. Did you test the recommendations on our article on the subject? I was able to create a test account on your server, attach it to Thunderbird, and send and receive emails without issue. I used the secure settings to do so. Does it give you the same error when you use the non-secure settings? This can be done as a test. In any case, you will want to contact our Live Support for individual assistance since we have ruled out a general issue with the server itself. Kindest Regards, Scott M