Deleted messages disappearing from Trash folder

  • Answered
My Trash folder only contains about a week's worth of deleted messages; where are the others? I use Thunderbird as my email client, as well as my iPhone. Both are set-up for IMAP. Neither Thunderbird nor my iPhone is set to delete old messages, but they appear to be gone from the server after a few days. Thanks for your help.
Hello Alehrfeld1, Thanks for the question. And sorry for any confusion with the deleted mail messages. First, like any IMAP account, you need to make sure that folders are synchronizing, so for your iPhone, it should be set to the server if you want deleted messages to be identical for all devices/computers linking to the account. If it is, then you should look at it settings for removing mail. By default, it will remove mail after a day. I can be set to remove mail after a day, a week, a month, or never. Make sure to check Syncing IMAP folders on your iPhone for more information on this issue. I did ask around to make sure that we are not deleting email from the server and I was told deleted email settings are normally based on rules from the email clients that are accessing the email account. I hope that helps to answer your question! Please let us know if you have any further questions or comments. Regards, Arnel C.