How can I accomplish an internal migration?

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I have a website that is hosted by an InMotion reseller; I have since acquired my own hosting account with InMotion and would like for my website to be hosted with the very same, on my account of course. I previously requested a website transfer request which was canceled because this is an "internal migration." Can you advise?
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Thanks for contacting us about getting an internal migration done. Internal migrations would be handled by technical support, you can request a migration via AMP with the following steps:

  1. Login to AMP.
  2. Click the Website Transfer Request link.
  3. Click the Transfer a Website button.
  4. Fill in the website transfer form as needed, any fees will be listed before proceeding.
  5. Click Continue, you should then be able to submit your request. You will be notified by the live support team when it is completed.

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