False spam positives on reviews for products on a WCFM multi vendor marketplace

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I have a multi vendor marketplace and reviews appear to be blocked by WP Cerber as spam, I have not enabled all forms and have checked all the relaxation options. I am happy to upgrade to premium if that solves the problem, how do I resolve this

John-Paul B
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Hello merlyn,

Thank you for contacting us about reviews being blocked by WP Cerber Security as spam. I found one of their guides where they say that you often have to setup exceptions for the anti-spam engine

If you've done this already, we're happy to help but will need some additional information such as some examples of reviews that are being blocked and any logs/error messages you may be seeing.

Also, if you have a premium license for this 3rd party plugin, it can be helpful to reach out to them since they do provide support.

Thank you,