Is it possible for me to transfer or migrate this site – – to a subdomain for

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I would like to migrate/transfer this "test" site , now on another hosting service, to a "subdomain" for (hosted by inmotion). Is that possible? If so, what is the simplest way to go about it? I do have a backup of the site downloaded using backupbuddy plugin. The test site is still up and active for now. Not sure how long the other host will let me keep it up though.

Thank you!

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John-Paul B
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Hello larry,

Thank you for contacting us about migrating a site to InMotion. Since it seems you are using WordPress, one of the easiest ways to migrate is using BoldGrid Backup. First, install BoldGrid Backup and make a backup of the site. Then, install WordPress where you want to migrate the site to and install BoldGrid Backup plugin there. You can then transfer the site using the BoldGrid Backup plugin.

If you need assistance we can help, you can request a website transfer request via AMP.

Thank you,