Turn 2008 html website into WordPress website

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I have to transfer a new website for a hotel. Wordpress Plug-in is installed and I have access to the dashboard. The problem is, most of the content from the old website did not transfer. For example, the pictures are not visible in the library. The main question is, should I better start from scratch or is there an easy way to transfer the website.

Additional question regarding content: Should I upload it directly in the wordpress dashboard or do I have do something in the cpanel of inmotion hosting?

Thanks in advance for your help


Hello Daniel, Thanks for the questions about transferring a WordPress site to a new location. Before I start talking about how to transfer a WordPress site, make sure to check your database for the path of the files that you say are missing. If you did not change the database entries, reset your permalinks, or clear the cache (before the migration), then you need to do so. The locations of the files are often recorded in the database. If you have caching enabled and you did NOT turn it off before making the transfer, then it's possible that you have a cache that includes the file paths of your old location. We do have a set of articles that describe the process of migrating a WordPress site to InMotion. It covers the basics of transferring a WordPress site. It would not hurt to start over again in order to make sure that you have transferred correctly. When you transfer a WordPress site you need to account for the files and the database. The files that are added to the site are added in the wp-content folder. This means that all the other files for the WordPress are standard. You can re-install the same version of WordPress in your new location, and then copy over the wp-contents folder, replace the database with a copy of the old one, and change the wp-configuration/database entries. This is all detailed in the tutorials. You should use FTP to move the files and phpMyAdmin in the cPanel to import the database. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.