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Friday, I signed up for my VPS account with Matt Bell. I also purchased the transfer service for my websites. I read the articles and am told to request the Website Transfer Requirements.

I have all this info ready, but would like to talk to a support specialist before getting started. Thank you. Barry Edwards, xxx-xxx-xxxx.
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Hi, I planned to transfer my wordpress account here.

Hi, I planned to transfer my wordpress account here, is the process going to be easy? another question is that, currently my website over there doesn't have www. infront of the website, is it possible to add that when i migrate it over?

I am a new customer MY old host sent the transfer files you need for my transfer to. Where do I send the files? I am not able to do the transfer myself. .

Hello and thanks for contacting us. Please see our guide on how to ensure a successful WTR. Adding "www." to a domain is easy - just an DNS record and maybe editing your htaccess file or WordPress site settings depending on your preferences.

As this is a public message board, I don't have exact information on your request or account, however, our support department is available over the phone, chat, and email 24/7. I will also be happy to answer any questions that you have here as well, but keep in mind that anything that you enter here is available to the public. I have also pulled your phone number out of the previous post to ensure that nobody gets it and makes unwanted calls to you. You may also want to review our website transfer checklist which will ensure that you do not miss any information and ensures that your transfer request runs smoothly.