Content Missing. Cant Log in as Admin

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4 days ago i transferred from shared hosting to VPS.

Ever since the transfer, content published to the site has gone missing. The support staff BrianC was able to help me restore the content the first time.

Today, it is happening again and i am being told by JacobM he cannot restore the content and that i should come here for a permanent solution.

Right now, my site is missing the content from the last 2 days. 8 hours ago, the site was still ok. 3 hours ago, the site went down and when it came back up, the content that was published in the last 2 days were missing. A lot of hours have been put into adding content to the site, and now everything is just lost?

Who will be responsible for this loss of data and loss of work hours spent?

I also cannot log in as a site admin now.

Need an urgent real solution.

Hello, Sorry to hear about your missing content issue. If it is appearing after a data restore, then that would lean towards something going wrong with the database, possibly corrupt files or transfer files. We are happy to restore from another backup to see if that helps. Also, if you can give any details on what is being done in the program before the data disappears, that may also help. This is not normal behavior for Drupal nor our servers, so more investigation is needed. Keep in mind our backups are only available for the last 24 hours. That is also only if the total account size is under 10GB. Once your account crosses that line you will need to pay for the backups in 10GB increments. Personal backups are also highly recommended to assist in data recovery. In this case you may want to make separate database backups on a regular basis. Ultimately data is the account holder's responsibility. As for logging into the site, this also leans towards database issues. Please upload a copy of the last known good database and we will be happy to