How to Transfer a cPanel Backup from Another Host

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I'm considering moving my hosting from Bluehost to you.

Following your tutorial I checked into my Bluehost C-Panel but instead of "Backup Wizard" they have "Site Backup Pro".

Do you have the same option in your C-Panel so I can restore my complete websites backups safely when moving to your hosting?

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I need to do a Website Transfer from my old Server's backup file
I downloaded a 62GB backup (.tar.gz) file from my old Server. My old Host said that the backup file contains a cPanel backup as well.

So my question is: How should I go about uploading my backup file to the Server so that all my SQL databases are in tact and my Addon/Subdomains are where they are supposed to be?
Hello CJzWorld, Thank you for contacting us about performing a website transfer. I recommend uploading your site via FTP, then sending a ticket to Live Support requesting that we unpack your backup/restore your site. You will receive an email upon completion of the restoration. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul B
It does sound like Bluehost just renamed the default cPanel Backup Wizard icon. As long as their option outputs a full cPanel backup, it can indeed be restored here. Once you have the cPanel backup available, simply upload it to your home directory here, and contact Technical Support to have it restored for you.