Magento2 - All new pages i create give me 404 error.

  • Answered

I have just gone to create my first Magento2 page and for some reason its giving me a 404 error on them. I have checked basic settings to make sure the page is enabled and cleaned the cache, static files ect... Nothing seems to be working.

The pre-made pages which came with Magento2 install are all working fine, its just when i create a new page.

Magento2 v.2.1.1 - Fresh install.

If anyone has any idea of what this might be i would really appreciate your kind help.

Many thanks, Paul
Hello, Thank you for your question about 404 errors in Magento. It's possible these errors derive from URL rewrites. I found an article that better explains how the Magento URL rewrites work and suggests some important steps you can take to troubleshoot them. I think it's highly likely your pages are publishing correctly, but they are currently available under a default URL with a structure similar to this one: `catalog/product/view/id/100` Best, Christopher M.