Slow Magento - are there any common fixes?

  • Answered
my magento is running too slow:
PageSpeed Score :34%
YSlow Score :77%

i tried to improve the speed by enabling cache and compression. i enable the cache on:
system>cache managemet> all green
but as you can see on gtmetrics, they are not enabled (Leverage browser caching F (5) - Enable gzip compression F (10))
why isnt it enabling? can anyone help me?

also is there any common fixes to speed up magento speed?

Kind regards,
Hello Araz, Sorry for the problem with your Magento site running slow. In regards to Gzip compression, you can find out how to enable it by reviewing this tutorial. Also, Gtmetrix has a pretty good tutorial about speeding up Magento here. Magento provides a class for optimizing Magento, but it's not free. There are also optimization plugins for Magento here. Just make sure that anything you download is compatible with your version of Magento. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.