How to edit website menu

  • Answered
Hi, could someone please advise how to edit a custom menu on my website please? I need to remove a word from the product name asap. I can edit all the pages and categories in the back end magento admin etc but after Googling it i think i need to access the PHP files? I have no idea how to find any code, can someone please help?

My web developer is out the country so I am picking this up. Thank you!


I'm sorry to see you're having difficulty locating where to make that modification. We do have an article on Disabling Products in Magento, that may assist you with this. Although it may not be the exact task you are looking for, it will guide you to the area where those modifications can be made for the product. If you need further assistance, can you please provide the URL for your website and more details regarding the exact change you'd like to make? This will help us to assist you further. Looking forward to your response, I hope this helps!


Carlos E