getting to my server

  • Answered
i has ask a company to set my website, since i working on magento, i realise i need to use ie mamp to access to my root file to edit the themes, am i right? if so then how do i ask them with regards to what i want, is it the server name>user id > pw..?
Hello eugenehing, Thank you for your question on getting to your server. I am having trouble understanding what you are trying to do, exactly. If you are one of our customers and need to find your server name, you can find that via the AMP. You can also see your username as well. The password is not shown, so you would need to know that already. I am not sure what you are asking about MAMP. MAMP is a way to set up a development environment on your local machine. You would not use MAMP to connect to your hosting server. If I have not answered your question, please try and rephrase it again so I may better understand. Kindest Regards, Scott M