Magneto 2 installation errors

  • Answered
I installed Magento 2 on a folder of my website. It does not look right. I called tech support. There were file permission problems and files missing according to support. I need some help to get a clean install.
Hello Devon, Sorry for the problems with the Magento 2 installation. It would probably best to remove this initial installations since you're having problems with it. If there are requirements that you are missing then you need to review the documentation from Magento and make sure that everything is correctly in place before re-installing. You should have root access to the server for the install. Check out Magento's Documentation for the installation. Magento is a 3rd party product, and may require configuration with the server before the installation. If you find that you have followed their directions and meet all of the prerequisites, then contacting Magento's technical support would be your best avenue of support. We do apologize that we can't provide a direct resolution of the issue. If you find that you need to load or make a configuration change that you are unfamiliar with, then please submit a verified support ticket and our live technical support team can handle the matter for you. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.