Magento generates a massive file in temporary storage

  • Answered
I have a Magento eCommerce website. it creates a digital badge that is 600 x 600, or about 400kb.
I have a problem (started recently), that a temporary Imaginick file is begin created - it is 46.29GB. when this file is created, it causes the system to basically shut down. When it happens, I am unable to log into the admin panel. I have to call support and they empty the temporary disc space - and I can work again. I do not know what changed to create this problem.
the other problem is that if a digital badge is created - the .png file size is huge. the last one was 90MB - its dimensions were 480 inches x 480 inches (144,000 x 144,000).
Something is causing the software to generate the digital badge at this enormous size. Something is causing this temporary file to be generated.
the software is DesignNBuy and purchased from India. India says its a server issue - InMotion says its a software issue. I have lost 2 days of work trying to fix this issue.
Please help.
Hello Badgesoup, Thank you for contacting us about issues creating badges in Magento. We are happy to help you troubleshoot further, but will need some additional information. Are you using a Magento Extensions/Addon to generate the badges? Which one? Have you reviewed the Magento error logs? Please provide the steps you are taking when this happens. Include any additional information that will help us follow and replicate the steps. Let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you, John-Paul