How Do I Resolve "Unable to establish database connection" Error?

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All of my websites are displaying database errors. Unable to establish database connection. Not sure why this is happening. Do you have the backup information for my websites? Would you be able to restore my website from backups?

Hello, Thank you for your question about database errors and backups. The errors you are seeing regarding failures to establish database connections are possibly due to database corruption. Or, if you are using a WordPress site you could try testing the connection based on information in the wp-config.php file. However, if the error came about suddenly without any changes made that you are aware of, it could be the data corruption issue. If your hosting account totals less than 10 GB, we may have backups for you. If more than 10 GB, you would need to be a subscriber to our backup service. However, if you have your own backups of the databases, we would be happy to restore those. In either case, you would need to contact our Live Support for account-related information. Best, Christopher M.