why does webmail address appear on phishing risk website?

  • Answered
www.secure207.inmotionhosting.com appears on hpHosts as a site associated with a high risk of phishing - see: http://hosts-file.net/?s=secure207.inmotionhosting.com
Why has this entry been made and what are the risks of phishing while using this address to check webmail?


Thank you for your question about why the webmail login for your server shows as a potential phishing risk. This is because phishing monitoring systems only really look at the base domain for their phishing results. This means that if someone else's site was compromised or hacked, and the phishing monitoring system crawled the server's 'temp' URL then it will flag the base server domain. You are safe to ignore this warning, and login to your webmail, or use a separate email program, if you prefer.


Casey B.