How do I clear malware from my site?

  • Answered
I have cleaned out my site, and it has only 4-5 files total. But it is still blacklisted by Google even after a revision a few hours ago.
Hello koffee6, I am not receiving the blacklist warning site from Google when visiting your site. If you are still seeing it, please be sure to clear your browser cache. It also can take a while for Google to respond and remove the warning, even after the revision. I did a visual check of your account and your .htaccess file is completely clear, with no active lines of code. Your index file is also clean. Given that those are currently your only files, I do not see any reason Google should be flagging the site, so it was likely just waiting for Google to remove the warning. As always, be sure you read our article on what to do when you receive the Google warning page. Best Regards, Scott M
I would also like to know how to fix this.

I discovered that there was code added to some of my pages, so I re-uploaded my entire website. Google is reporting a problem with my .htaccess file, so I deleted it.

Google as re-examined my website, and is STILL reporting .htaccess problems.