SpamCannibal Listing - Need Help

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My server is currently listed on the SpamCannibal blocklist:

When looking up the listing in SpamCannibal for my server's IP address (, it says:

Click for WhoisIP: US
United States
spam source, anonymous/un-named IP

I cannot figure out why my server would be listed or why it would be associated with the IP I also don't see that my server is or has been sending out spam emails.

Are you able to help? I have some clients who are complaining since the emails they are sending are being blocked due to this listing.

Thank you!


Hello Matthew,

Thank you for your question regarding a blacklisting. If you are on a VPS, the IP is only assigned to your accounts. But, you may have multiple cPanels using it.

Here is a link to our guide on how to Request a delisting from a blacklist. We also have an article on Why do mail servers get blacklisted?

Thank you,