website reported unsafe by microsoft smartscreen

  • Answered
a domain under my account "" was briefly hosting a malicious file: "/powered/Welcome1.htm" I was able to remove it within hours thanks to malware notification. (this happened about a month ago, before launch)

however, the website has been reported as "phishing" by Microsoft, and IE users see a red warning page each time they access any page on the domain. this warning does not go away despite having been reported as safe through their own form!

anyone knows how long it takes for MS to verify and remove the warning?
Hello youtag, and thanks for your question. Unfortunately it looks like the official Microsoft SmartScreen Filter FAQ doesn't give an indication of the turn-around time for a scan: One of the sites I visit is being flagged by SmartScreen Filter, but it's not an unsafe website. What can I do? From the warning, you can choose to report this site as a safe site. Click the Report that this site does not contain threats link to go online to the Microsoft feedback website, and then follow the instructions. I wasn't able to find any references online on how long it takes either. I would assume it's probably going to take a few days at least, which is the typical time it takes for a Google Safe Browsing warning to disappear. If you had any further questions at all, please let us know! - Jacob