AOL user don't get emails

  • Answered
Our company is having a problem sending AOL users emails. Sometimes they are not received or rejected or sometimes it takes days for the person to get the email. I sent a email to a AOL user on 12/13 and it was just received today 3 days later. Is this a problem from in motion? This happens from our any of our email accounts and not geographical in nature.
While I cannot provide specific account information via this public forum, you may insert any bounceback messages that you have received into our bounceback parser tool for more information on a specific bounceback message that you have gotten. Regarding messages being delayed, you would need to contact technical support via phone, chat, or ticket for exact information on the logs. Possible reasons for this could be that AOL temporarily blocked the server that houses your account, in which it was rejected at that time, in which you would then receive a bounceback message, but the server will continue attempting to sent it until it is successful leading them to receive it successfully several days later. This is just a possibility, but technical support would be able to provide you with more insight upon contacting them.