my email/IP is blacklisted

  • Answered
I just moved my site here and I got some bounced emails saying the DNS was on some blacklists. Can you get it removed? Here's the bounced email message: This message has bounced. : does not like recipient. Remote host said: 553 Your IP [] is on one or more DNS blacklists. ulc: 9223356036822419162, rcp: 0001. (#5.1.1)
IMH Support Agent 5
Hello hillhouse, Thank you for your question about bounced emails. I regret that you have encountered this difficulty. This is a public forum, where we field questions and open up discussion with the community. The best thing to do for your email non-delivery issue is submit a copy of the bounce to our Live Support, who are well equipped to assess the situation, verify your account, and take steps toward resolving the issue. Best, Christopher M.