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Flexible Scalability

Get resources fast. Add SSD storage, additional RAM and more.

Fast, Secure & Reliable

10x faster hosting, DDoS protection and 99.99% network uptime.

Multiple Data Centers

Your choice of data centers in Washington, D.C. or Los Angeles.

Customizable Linux Server

Pre-configured LAMP stack with cPanel/WHM, root access and more.

Included In All Plans

Free SSD Storage

SSD Storage delivers low latency, durability and high quality of service.

99.99% Network Uptime

Smart Routing™ Technology designed to dynamically provision and manage uptime.

30-Day Money-Back

Buy with confidence knowing we guarantee your satisfaction.

cPanel & WHM Included

Manage your organization’s SQL databases, subdomains, and users from a central dashboard.

Rebootless Upgrades

On the fly upgrades or vital updates, done with ease and simplicity. Zero downtime.

CentOS Experts

We are Linux Dedicated WordPress Hosting professionals. You get the best IT team working 24/7.

Managed Hosting

Improve visibility and focus on your business growth while we manage your updates, usage and more.

Tier 1 Networks

Your visitors get dedicated connectivity that is predictable, redundant and consistent.

1-on-1 with Launch Assist

Get intelligent answers or assign tasks to our IT professionals. Up to a $300 value, included free!

Multi-Layer Defense

Get next-generation security and comprehensive defenses integral to your company’s security.

Dedicated to Security

Commercial-grade security solutions designed to protect internet-facing applications from cyberattacks.

Multiple Data Centers

Bi-coastal data centers provision all the resources dedicated to delivering 99.99% uptime for your visitors.

A Fast, Secure, and 99.99% Reliable Network

Our Tier 1 Network provides an ultra-reliable connection to your worldwide visitors.

Smart Routing Technology

Smart routing technology controls traffic spikes to keep your server up and running.


Vital Internet Exchange Points

Low server pings worldwide thanks to our data center locations near Internet Exchange Points in Washington D.C., and Los Angeles, CA.


Gigabit Ethernet Uplink Connection

Handle large bursts in traffic, faster file transfers, and the potential for a higher number of concurrent connections.


Get the Fastest WordPress Web Hosting Speed. Check our network ping times.

Los Angeles, US:

Washington D.C., US:

Get Up to 4 Free Hours and Save Up to $300 with Launch Assist

Migrate your website or optimize your dedicated WordPress hosting server with the expert help of a system administrator. Included in your hosting plan for free.

Get WordPress Optimized

Get your WordPress server stack configured and optimized to your business specs.

Website and App Migration Available

Migrate your business website, cPanel, data and more – worry-free with no downtime.

Advanced Settings and Setup

Setup advanced caching, settings or a custom configuration specific to your business or site speed.

Custom WordPress Server Configurations

Let us help you build your advanced configuration server to meet your enterprise specs.

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Build a Better, Faster WordPress Website Instantly


Enterprise-grade Scalability and Performance

Trust in the performance of a server fleet that is infinitely scalable. As the demand for your business grows so do your workloads, data, visitors, transactions and even analytics.

With our scalable platform your business can deliver on the demands of customers and you can trust the performance of our hardware and networking infrastructure to maintain the highest availability for everyone.

It’s not just about your website – it’s about the network too. Break the speed barrier with a network that uses both Edge and Core routing to increase speed and redundancy. Your server thrives on enterprise routers in a highly-secure environment. Partnered with commercial-grade network security, Corero, DDoS attacks don’t stand a chance.

Web Developers

We Make Developers Happy

Build on the same networks as enterprise level companies. Everything you need under the hood: Enable PHP versions with a single click to accommodate any of your plugin needs. WP-CLI, SSH, Root Access, and Git support all included.


Highest Grade Commercial Security

Our managed servers come with a highly experienced WordPress team monitoring 24/7/365. Enjoy auto-updates and Corero DDoS protection to help avoid vulnerabilities and increase performance and reliability.

Our platform is designed to be the rock-solid infrastructure and commercial-grade hardware capable of defending internet-facing applications from vicious cyberattacks.


Optional UltraStack Upgrade

UltraStack is an in-house custom-built business infrastructure powered by the latest generation of technology. UltraStack supports applications of any size requiring high core counts, vast amounts of memory, and high-velocity bandwidth.

Imagine being able to build exacting environments with significant computing power and performance that gives you exceptional control, granular visibility, and high availability. Create, connect and grow instantaneously.

Perfect for intensive data workloads, demanding applications, and high-traffic websites.

Build Your Custom WordPress Dedicated WordPress Server

Maximize your budget and server performance without limits.

Custom Solutions

Maximize Your Budget with Upgrades

Add clustered hosting solutions across multiple data centers and utilize load balancing or install high performing LSI and Lenovo RAID hardware solutions. Let us help you get the best server for your budget.

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Build Confidence

Host Multiple WordPress Clients

Carve up your server’s resources into what makes sense for your clients and pricing model. You can also combine multiple servers into a single cohesive cluster for ultimate performance. Assemble hardware that delivers confidence and stability.

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Managed Dedicated WordPress Hosting FAQs

What makes your WordPress dedicated server different?

We offer both Managed Dedicated Servers and Unmanaged or “Bare Metal” Dedicated Servers for those who would like to self-manage. On the Managed Dedicated Servers, we manage both the hardware of your server and the pre-installed LAMP stack with cPanel/WHM. Any updates or security patches are installed and maintained by us as well as having a maximum 2 hour hardware replacement guarantee.

How long will it take to get my dedicated server provisioned and set up?

Generally, a standard setup is completed within 30 minutes, and a custom setup within 24 hours. However, in the event of unforeseen circumstances, these times could be as much as double the initial quote. Setup times will vary based on data center location.

How does your money-back guarantee work if I have prepaid for a year or more?

We provide a 30 day full money-back guarantee. In the event you prepaid yearly your refund will be prorated based on usage. We want to give you the best experience, no matter if you’re coming to or leaving InMotion Hosting. No refunds available for Remote KVMs.

How do I add additional IP addresses? What is the fee?

InMotion Hosting gives a generous amount of free dedicated IPs, but if you find yourself looking for more, please contact our Sales team. We charge $4/mo charged upfront for the year at $48 per IP address.

What services do you provide to transfer my websites and data from my current hosting provider to you?

With each Standard Dedicated Server purchase we provide you 2 free hours of our highest level of support from our Managed Hosting team. Commercial Class servers receive 4 hours. These hours can be used to fully transfer your websites to our servers. In order to make sure 2 hours is plenty of time for you, please speak with our sales representatives.

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