How to Secure Your Cloud Server Hosting

Opting for a cloud server versus a cPanel-managed VPS means greater control over your Linux operating system (OS). While you can modify Cloud Server DNS records in Account Management Panel (AMP), it’s your responsibility to implement further security measures. While cPanel administrators use Web Host Manager (WHM) features to harden servers, you’ll need to decide Read More >

SSL Errors and HTTPS in Webmin

When you install Webmin on CentOS or Ubuntu, the web-based system administration interface forces HTTPS (SSL) by default. This is great for security. However, if you don’t have an SSL certificate, you’ll see a self-signed certificate warning. You’ll want to fix this error sooner than later since Webmin has access to server data. You can Read More >

How to Install Webmin on Ubuntu with APT

Webmin is a system administration interface that makes it easier to manage a server without SSH. Like cPanel, Webmin can complete a long list of sysadmin features natively and with installable modules: • File, database, and user management• Language and theme customization• Firewall and other security options• Scheduled Backup configuration• Resource monitoring• DNS Settings• Read Read More >

How to Install Webmin on Your CentOS VPS

Webmin is a web-based system administration interface that removes the need to edit raw server files in SSH. Like cPanel, Webmin features includes various system administration options natively and with installable modules: File, database, and user management Language and theme customization Firewall and other security options Scheduled Backup configuration Resource monitoring DNS Settings Read email Read More >