Using the InMotion WordPress UltraStack Playbook

As we start to expand on our Ansible Catalog, we are excited to provide our Ansible Playbook for deploying WordPress to the Open Source community! We have taken great care in developing our curated WordPress-UltraStack-Ansible playbook to allow system administrators, web developers, and content designers to easily deploy WordPress. To simplify the process of getting Read More >

Using Git to Manage your Workflow

“Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.” Choosing a workflow Part of what has made Git so common is that it is able to support a nearly limitless amount of workflows. From the extreme organizational complexity Read More >

Getting Started with Ansible

Do you find yourself configuring many servers or hosting plans with similar sets of software packages, configuration files, and deploying full software stacks? Although Ansible is the most widely used automation engine, there are a number of configuration and orchestration solutions available. Read through this article to learn about getting started with Ansible. What is Read More >

How to Install Ansible

Installing Ansible is the first step to automating tasks to save time. Below we cover how to get started with Ansible depending on your operating system (OS): Local Installation Methods PIP (Python Installs Packages) Native Package Manager Verify Your Installation Ansible Installation Methods Before you begin, open your terminal (or SSH for server installation), ensure Read More >

How to Install Ansible Galaxy Roles and Collections

Using Ansible doesn’t require you create everything from scratch. Ansible Galaxy encourages users to share pre-configured Ansible roles and collections for popular tasks and applications you can implement within playbooks immediately. These community submitted roles can save time when configuring playbooks for deployment. Remember, when browsing roles on Ansible Galaxy, it’s important to check stats Read More >