How to Clear Your KaiOS Browser Cache and Enable Do Not Track (DNT)

Clearing your KaiOS web browser cache is helpful when you’re testing new changes to your responsive mobile website. Below we cover how to: Clear KaiOS Browser Cache and Cookies Verify Web Browser Cache Cleared Clear UC Browser History Enable Do Not Track (DNT) Great security, high performance, and ample disk space: InMotion Managed VPS Hosting. Read More >

How to Add an Email Signature

If you’ve ever received an email from someone, you’ve seen an email signature. It’s the last lines of text at the end of a message reminding you of the sender and includes their contact information, maybe a fun quote, and a website link.  It’s common practice in the digital space and most users expect to Read More >

Invalid HELO Name (Email Authentication)

SMTP authentication is required for all outgoing email on our servers. Customers using an email client such as Thunderbird, Outlook or Mac Mail may be affected if they do not have the authentication properly set for the outgoing server. If you are receiving “550 Access denied – Invalid HELO name” (or a similar error message) Read More >

How to Install and Set Up WP Mail SMTP in WordPress

Are you having trouble sending or receiving emails from your WordPress website? Though form submissions should arrive to your inbox without a hitch, you’ve noticed that you’re missing a few or all of your customer inquiries? This problem can be frustrating but thankfully there is an easy solution that will fix the issue and allow Read More >