Creating an Email Link in your Webpage

Having a link for your website’s visitors to send you an email is a great way to make it easy for them to contact you. When you create an email link, the visitor will just click on the link and it will open their email client with a new message window. The new window will be pre-populated with the “To:” field that you specify.

In this case we use a special tag called a mailto tag. It is structured very similar to a hyperlink or <a href> tag, but instead of a webpage it opens the visitors email client. Below are a few examples of links that will allow visitor’s to send an email.

Contact Me
Need help? Send Support an Email

So as the above code illustrates we use an <a href> tag however instead of providing a normal URL or web page to link to we specify that this is an email link with the mailto attribute. Many web designers have abandoned the use of the mailto tag in favor of using contact forms on the actual page. Contact forms do not require the customer to have an email client installed and can reduce the amount of spam your email account receives. Using the mailto tag is a quick and simple way to quickly allow your visitors to contact you.

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  1. i will like to get the code for this your post a cmmnet sector can you help me with it especially the code for sending the reply to your email. thanks

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