How to Install MongoDB

While there are several different types of database software available, MongoDB is a popular and feature-rich alternative to other software such as MySQL. As this software is not frequently pre-installed on Linux-based hosts, you may find yourself needing to install MongoDB on your CentOS or Ubuntu server. In this guide, we will outline how to Read More >

Backup Your OpenCart Database in Admin Dashboard

Like using a SSL certificate, backups are important to your OpenCart and web hosting security. Below we cover how to backup your OpenCart database in your admin dashboard. Backup Database Login OpenCart. Under Settings, select Maintenance and Backup / Restore. Specify tables to backup and select Export. You can restore the .sql file in the Read More >

How to Restore a Database With Backup Manager

InMotion Hosting’s Backup Manager for automated backups has an option to restore databases separately from files and folders. This is similar to restoring backups with cPanel MySQL Databases Below we cover how to restore a backup with cPanel Backup Manager. Note: The Backup Manager is a different tool than cPanel Backup and Backup Wizard. Restore Read More >