Create a Database Diagram in phpMyAdmin

To produce an entity-relation diagram (ERD) for a database on your server, you don’t have to download MySQL Workbench or login remotely. Below we show you how to create and export an ERD in cPanel phpMyAdmin, create relationships between the tables – i.e. one to one, one to many – and rearrange them as needed.

Create a Diagram in phpMyAdmin

  1. Log into cPanel.
  2. Select phpMyAdmin.
  3. Select the database name from the left of phpMyAdmin.
    Select database name
  4. Select Designer tab

    from the upper-right corner.

  5. From here you can rearrange tables and hover over the menu on the left to see more Designer options.
    edit database tables
  6. Once you’re done making necessary changes, select Export schema from the menu.
    export diagram
  7. Select your preferred export options and Go.
    edit export settings

    Below is an example of the SVG file:
    svg export file example

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