Software is a broad category for categorizing content within the InMotion Hosting Support Center website.  It covers tools and applications that are server-based, web-based, desktop applications, or social media-oriented. For the purpose of providing some organization on this page, you will see software titles listed under Server, Desktop, and Softaculous.

Note that some of these categories can overlap especially since the Softaculous application installer covers a number of these categories. 


Server-side software is often running in the background and providing services or support for existing applications.  For example, you may be running a specific database server application.


Applications running on a desktop computer generally do not need an internet connection.  These articles provide information on a variety of different desktop-based applications. Desktop-oriented software generally involves Windows, Apple, or Linux-based operating systems.


Softaculous is a software application installer provided with your InMotion Hosting account.  VPS and Dedicated server accounts may require a separate request for Softaculous installation.  The auto-installer provides easy installation, tracking, and management of 100’s of valuable software titles that you can use with your web hosting account.