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ownCloud Music Player App

The ownCloud Music player app lets you access your music collection and favorite internet radio stations anywhere with an internet connection. There are many reasons you might benefit from an ownCloud audio player:

  • Podcast hosting
  • Organize audio files and metadata for a website
  • Privately share music stems with other musicians or audio professionals

The music player app supports the most common audio formats including WAV, MP3, OGG, and FLAC. Support depends on your web browser as well. You can also add M3U and PLS playlist formats. Other notable features include compatibility with Ampache, Subsonic, and keyboard media keys.

Install the ownCloud Music Player App

Below we’ll cover how to install and configure the ownCloud Music app.

  1. Log into ownCloud and install the Music app.
  2. Select the menu icon from the upper-left corner and the Files icon.
  3. Select the “+” icon to upload audio files.

Manage Audio in ownCloud

Select the audio file to play it from the Files page. The media player will show the title, creator, cover artwork, and progress bar at the bottom of the page. You can change the volume on the right.

ownCloud Files Audio Player

For more media player options, select the menu icon from the upper-left corner and the Music button. Then click the music note icon at the center of the page to refresh the music collection. You only have to do this once unless you reset it later. 

You can sort music by albums (large or smaller cover art), folders, genres, or artists (“all tracks” option).

ownCloud Music Player Albums

Select the “𝒊” icon to the right of a file title for more metadata – composer, copyright, encoding, etc.

Select Internet radio to add radio stations.

Select New Playlist to drag-and-drop audio files and import/export playlists.

ownCloud Music Settings

Select the Settings button from the lower-left corner to configure your audio collection:

  • Exclude folders from your music collection
  • Integrate Ampache and Subsonic
  • And more…

Protect your audio with strong user passwords and two factor authentication (TFA) to protect against brute force attacks on your ownCloud server. Learn more from our ownCloud Education Channel.

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